You’ve been playing the only part
In your daily masquerade
Hiding under porcelain where
No one can see your real face

You put on a permanent smile
And fool the whole wide world
No one will figure out you’re just
A sad lonely little girl

How can you be so terrified
Of being the rejected
When the only person that can
Not accept you is yourself?

Everything about you is just
A fabricated façade
If you keep on pretending then
The real you will surely rot

And yet you will still persist with
Your counterfeited image
You’re just so afraid of ever
Being heartbroken again

The first time that you opened up
And expressed your emotions
You got rejected by that one
Person that you ever loved

So you learned to be an actress
By taking the drama class
So you can cover yourself up
With a real convincing act

But I can see through your disguise
Like a broken piece of glass
Because when I look at the glass
I see your face looking back


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