Summer Winter

I turned off the hot water
In the shower but I’m still hearing
The pitter patter of the water
Falling falling dripping dripping from

The sky down to the rooftop
From the rooftop down onto the ground
And I look outside my window
But there is no sunlight to be found

I miss those days of summer
When we spent all of our time together
And I miss those summer nights
When you shared your warmth with mine

The clouds have gotten thicker
And the wind has been blowing harsher
And you know what time of year it is
When it gets colder in Los Angeles

And when it’s winter it gets
Lonely ’cause you’re never here with me
You’re always doing something else
With someone else or doing someone else

And I’m falling fast for you
But you still probably have no clue
You’re the perfect person that I want
To be in love with and to make love with

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