The Shining

If you feel surrounded
By only enemies
Who take your light away
I’ll be your only friend

And if this turns to war
I’ll stay and protect you
I’d go against the world
If you were in danger

If you feel abandoned
By the rest of the world
Look up into the sky
My light will shine for you

And if I get shot down
I’ll just come back again
Not a thing can stop me
From being there for you

If you think that I’ll leave
You in your time of need
I can assure you now
It’ll never happen

And although we were once
Bitter hostile rivals
I can assure you now
I’ll never betray you

If I could just show you
Eight hundred times a day
How much this means to me
I would

If I could just give you
Everything that you’ll need
To make it through hard times
I would


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