To the Moon

Your vibrant white complexion and
your perfect curvatures
Have fooled me every time you came,
but now I’m fooled no more.

You used to lighten up my sky
but now it’s darkened more.
You used to make things seem so right,
but now I see the truth.

Your beauty an illusion and
your promise full of lies;
I’ve waited every night for you,
but now I wish you’d die.

The pain you bring has wrecked my heart,
and now I cannot hope
For anything at all that’s bright
when all I see is dark.

Your absence would affect the world,
but I don’t care at all.
I’ll smother you inside the clouds
and strip you of your light.

I’d hate to say this, but you brought
this all upon yourself.
We cannot be completely white
but now we’re not at all


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