Treading Water

I thought that I could impress you
With all of the things that I did
With every song and every poem
And every word that I ever wrote
It was the perfect plan at the perfect time,
But it was all inside my head

I should’ve known
That you were just like all of the rest
But I had hoped
That you would be better than this

How could I be so naïve
What made me think I could make you notice me
Through all of the words I say
And the songs I write and the Dashboard song I played?
Maybe I was being too shallow
And was treading water in a sea that’s far too deep
This worked out fine for a while
Until I moved too fast and it scared you away

Why can’t I ever get
The person I fall in love with?
Is it because of me
Or are they just too good to care?
Maybe it’s just that I’m too good for them?

Maybe it’s just not worth it
All the effort and the time
I should just pull back now
Before I get hurt again this time
But what if I want to get hurt again this time?

But I know I know I know I know
That this won’t get any better
And I know I know I know I know
That I can do so much better
And I know I know I know I know
That I deserve a lot better than this

So go away, I’ll go away,
And you’ll never see me again
Don’t stay, I don’t want to stay
And go through this pain again
Not today, another day,
I’ll save my heart for some other day


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