Wishful Thinker

I stare up at planets and stars
That are glowing green in the dark
On the ceiling of my bedroom
And I feel like I’m already in my tomb

As my mind races through and through
These thoughts and images of you
Close my eyes and hug my pillow
Wondering if you’ve ever felt so alone

I’m just a hopeless wishful thinker
Putting myself through a lot of hurt
I really don’t know you at all
All I know, all I know is who you are

I wonder now what you’re thinking
I bet your thoughts aren’t about me
You talked of who you want to date
And how that person was just oh so great

I hope you’re somewhere safe tonight
Somewhere that you can’t reach my eyes
Sometimes I wish you never did
But I know your beauty I’d surely miss

Today I stayed in the shower
For a little more than an hour
Let the water blend with my tears
Those four walls showed that you’ll never be near


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