A revolutionary discovery has just taken place
Inspired by “ignore” functions on internet forums
With just a few steps as easy as counting to three
You could forget everything about someone
And prevent future interactions with that person
As though you lived in a totally different universe
You could ignore your noisy annoying neighbors
Or that guy who keeps staring at you on the bus
Or your lazy stupid good-for-nothing ex-spouse
Or the serial rapist who’s lurking in that dark alley
With the development of this new technology
People got creative and started ignoring groups
So now white people ignored the minorities
Republicans ignored the lesbians and the gays
Everyone ignored the Jews and the Muslims
And all of them just ignored each other back
Making the world a much more peaceful place
I felt like I could do without such technology
Believing that such a seclusive thing was wrong
But that was until I found out that you ignored me
I was hurt by the one person that mattered most
But I couldn’t ignore you even when I wanted to
So I ignored everyone else


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