So long, sweet summer

Today, I was able to get into the lab I wanted.  Now I only have class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I’m so glad that things worked out.  I watched Paper Man, and loved every minute of it.  I got ready for school.  That’s about it.

Yesterday, I woke up at 4:40 am to look at the list of open classes to see the lab I wanted on it, only to find out as I signed onto portal that the class was already gone.  I was unnecessarily bitter for the first half of the day because of that, and kept checking the list as well as the portal regularly the rest of the day to see if any other spots would open.  Later, some relatives came over and we celebrated my grandfather’s birthday.  Some of my cousins couldn’t make it because they had work, and I miss seeing them, but it was still fun.  The food was great, as always, and I got so full.  We watched some pre-season football and played around with my cousins’ iPhones, which were pretty neat.

On Thursday, Karate had a hot-dog night in celebration of one of the students’ high school graduation.  We had a bit of a mix-up with information that resulted in my parents eating the meal my mother already cooked at home instead of coming with me, and I felt pretty bad about that.  I had fun, though.  It was good.  The food, I mean.  Chili-dogs are awesome.

On Monday, Alex, Jessica, Heather, and I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  Before the movie, we hung out at the mall, which was fun.  I loved seeing them again, I hadn’t seen them all summer.  After going through the mall, we made a quick run through Ikea, which was Heather’s first time ever stepping foot in one.  The movie was really enjoyable, I had such a blast.  It was everything I wanted it to be and more.  After the movie, we ate and talked about stuff.  Heather and I had Chipotle, while Alex and Jess had Johnny Rockets.  Those burritos are so good. And so big.

We had originally planned to go watch Scott Pilgrim the previous Friday, but something came up that I had to deal with at the Financial Aid Office on campus and I had to postpone it.  I felt really guilty about it, but I’m glad my friends were cool with it.  That weekend, my brother went to Berkeley to visit some of his friends and didn’t come back until Tuesday.  It’s always pretty lonely at home whenever he makes those trips.

On the 9th, my brother took me to see Inception.  My mind was blown.  Best movie ever.  Enough said.  Later, we went to a nearby Japanese restaurant to celebrate my birthday, which was on the 6th.  The food was amazing.  We had the dinner specials, which included rice, salad, miso soup, tempura, and California Rolls, and we also had two dishes of variety sushi.  I see an annual tradition in the works.  Not only was the restaurant really close by, it was also pretty cheap for Japanese, the employees were so nice, and I just really love the atmosphere of small, privately owned restaurants.

There was one weekend when I went to a relative’s house.  I played Catan for the first time, and I was so close to winning.  We also played some Magic: the Gathering.  I was the only one who brought cards, but we had a four-way game going, so it was interesting to see my own decks going at each other.  The day after, one of the guys went to my house with his cards, and he, my brother, and I played a few three-way games.  I hadn’t played Magic in so long, so I had a really good time.

Two of my cousins had a water polo tournament in the LA area, and so they stayed at my place for a week.  They weren’t home for a lot of the time because of the tournament, but whenever they were, our time together was spent mostly playing video games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Pokemon Stadium, and Clay Fighter, just to name a few.  I also got the chance to see one of them play a water polo game, which was interesting, and I was surprised at how good he was.  It was a fun week, and I enjoyed spending time with them, but it was noticeably quieter once they left, which I have to say was pretty nice.

Anything before that and my memory starts to get kind of fuzzy.  I should’ve updated my blog more often over the summer so that I wouldn’t have to go remembering what I did more than an entire month ago.  I guess I’ll just go over the highlights.

Beach day with the Syko Syndicate was really awesome, despite the fact that my camera ran out of batteries really early in the day.  We played in the waves, which resulted in me getting a nosebleed, but that wasn’t so bad.  We also built this great sandcastle (all I did was make a volcano and a few tunnels), which Greg epically destroyed after, of course, we took the necessary pictures.  We also tossed around my football, which was fun.  And the potluck!  I keep talking about food, I know, but I have to tell you, the food that day was really good.  Later, we went to Elaine K.’s house (because we couldn’t get a fire-pit at the beach) and ate dinner.  A lot of the people said they liked the fried rice I helped my mom make.  After such a wonderful time, that was only the icing on a very delicious cake.

Americana with the Syko Syndicate was also amazing.  I don’t remember if that was before or after the wedding.  Anyway, we went around the shops, which was cool.  I was surprised at how great the Americana looked, I never knew about it.  We ate at this Italian place, I forgot its name, but I can tell you, they make a pretty mean spinach ravioli.  For dessert, we had cream puffs and crepes.  Well, some of us had cream puffs, others had crepes.  Then after that, we took a few group pictures, some where we all jumped in the air.  I was the first one to leave, but I still had such an amazing time.

For the July 4 weekend, my parents, my brother and I went to Santa Barbara and Solvang, stopping at several places to go shopping along the way.  I ended up buying four pairs of shoes, and a new comforter set for my bed.  Solvang is really interesting.  My brother said it looks exactly like a Dutch town, except smaller.  The architecture was beautiful, and the shops were pretty neat also.  We ate at a small taco place my brother’s friend recommended in Santa Barbara, and the food there was delicious.  Afterward, we watched the fireworks.  Our view was somewhat blocked by trees, but fireworks are always really exciting.

Then there was my cousin’s wedding in San Diego.  I’m sure I’m going all out of order here, but oh well.  The day before the wedding, we celebrated her father’s birthday.  Yes, there was food, and yes, it was good.  On the day of the wedding, the ceremony was so beautiful it almost had me in tears, and I’m sure some of my other cousins were crying.  The reception was also really great.  And the food.  It was so good.  I should stop talking about food.  There was dancing.  That was fun.  That was the first time any of my cousins got married, and I’m really happy for her, as well as the new addition to the family.

The rest of my summer was mostly spent at home watching Dexter, playing Neverwinter Nights 2 and three editions of Unreal Tournament, reading Harry Potter for the first time, and watching some other movies such as Greenberg and Adventureland.  School starts tomorrow, and while I’m sad that summer’s ending, school will give me something productive to do.  There were things I planned on doing but never got to, like starting a band or recording some songs.  Still, I had a lot of fun this summer.


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