The Girl of My Dreams

I had a weird dream last night.  Most of it’s kind of fuzzy.  I believe I may have constructed a whole dialogue back then, but at this point I can only remember bits and pieces, the gist of what happened. She was confessing her love for me, tears rolling down her cheeks, and I rejected her, only to come back and apologize and say that I really did have feelings for her.  What’s weird about this dream, is I don’t have a crush on this girl.  I never really did.  I haven’t talked to her in, I don’t know, half a year.  Why of all the faces of all the girls I’ve seen in all my lifetime, it’s hers that I see in this ridiculous situation?  What does it say about me, that I rejected her, supposedly knowing that I really wanted her?  Would I have done that to any girl who came to me, as misplaced revenge to all the ones that rejected me in the past?


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