I moved my blog to this new address and used the old one as a sort of directory to all of my other WordPress sites.  I also made a new Randomness blog where I’ll be posting stuff I find online that interest or amuse me.  Check it out periodically, it should be fun.

This semester was mostly just a huge blur of going to classes, going to the library to find books that I never bought and to research for papers, doing labs and assignments online, and spending a lot more time watching TV and playing games than I should have.  I passed all my classes, but I didn’t get as many A’s as I would’ve hoped.  I’ve made some new friends, but I didn’t really keep in touch with most of my “new friends” from last semester or the semester before that, and I don’t really feel all that close to anyone.  The people I hung out with the most are the guys at Anime Club, which I went to every week.  A Christmas reunion dinner of old high school friends reminded me that I haven’t really changed at all in the past couple of years.  I still only have a handful of close friends, and they’re the same close friends I’ve had for years.  The people I’ve felt distant towards since high school I still feel distant to.

Christmas was fun.  Just the usual Christmas.  Lots of relatives, lots of food, lots of presents.  A lot more appetizers than previous years.  I put on the Glee Christmas Album, which a few of my cousins enjoyed.  I put it to a vote and we ended up watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas, the Jim Carrey one.  After all the celebrations, my cousin put on Inception, and I stayed awake through most of it.

Winter break has so far been filled with Glee, How I Met Your Mother, The Sims 3, and Bejeweled 3.  I’m listening to the Glee Season 1 Complete Soundtrack as I write this.  Good stuff.


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