The Queen of Spades

With a touch of your finger
You removed me from your kingdom
And I am in exile.  Neither you nor your subjects
Will hear of me now.

The desert air stings of regret,
And as I travel further and further away from you
My footsteps fade in the sand.

I was but a wanderer
Longing for companionship.
You welcomed me, so kind and reassuring,
But now the gates have closed.

You are a carrier pigeon that perches
On my window nevermore,
A now silent song, a curse upon this home

You goddess so perfect held high on your pedestal
So far now out of reach
That even as I stand on the tips of my toes
I find this grave you dug me far too deep.

I am a dirty speck on your old spectacles.
You wipe them clean and bless me with your presence
No more.


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