Sam… I’m a monster.

My body is                                   It’s in you. And
deteriorating. The joints of           you know it as well as I do.
my limbs are growing weak Light cannot exist without shadow.
The ground beneath my fee You are only as chaotic as the rest of th
t is crumbling. The devil and God wa is ugly world. There’s no use in den
ge war within me. I will for the dark one not t ying it, in fighting it. Accep
o take me, but he is overwhelming. Th t it. Embrace it. It is who you are,
is constant raging battle consu your very essence, in the deepest chasms
mes all of me. I can feel my consci of your being. You are a savage
ence subsiding steadily. But I will n beast, a ruthless murderer, a
ot give in. I will atone for ev monster. And you enjoy every bi
ry innocent heart I cla t of it. Don’t lie to yourself. Find yo
wed out. I will slay this de urself. Follow me. I will s
mon that’s ever haunting m how you the world a
y waking sleep. I w s it is meant to be. I w
ill fight the good ill lead you to your de
fight as it burns stiny. I will grant y
my life. I am ou your greate
strong. I am st wish. I a
of value. m your gu
I am ide. I a
in control
of me.


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