Who’s That New Girl on New Girl?

It’s Brenda Song!

Okay, I know what I said about Asian women dating non-Asian guys in the mainstream media, but knowing this show, things could get interesting for this couple.  In the past, the show has had actresses Lizzy Caplan, Carla Gugino, and Olivia Munn play as love interests to the main characters on the show.  Each of them only showed up for a few episodes, but they were still fleshed-out characters.  It didn’t seem like these characters were serving as plot devices.  The show made them genuinely likable and let viewers get to know them.

And things have already been interesting.  When we first see Brenda Song’s character Daisy, she’s at the bar witnessing Winston’s embarrassing lack of game at picking up women.  When he stutters trying to talk to her, she shows Winston her ring saying she’s taken so that he calms down.  For the rest of the episode, she’s trying to get him back on his feet with his whole self-esteem issue, saying she likes the challenge.   She pretends to be the girl he was hitting on at the bar and he pretends to hit on her, to hilarious results.  Later, just when Winston is about to give up, she reveals that the ring was only for show so that guys don’t keep hitting on her.  Once she points out that she’s single and asks him what he’s going to do about it, Winston goes in for the kiss, but not without a bit of stammering.  After the kiss, she says, “C-, you kiss like a damn bitch,” to mess with him.

Aside from the fact that she’s seeing a guy outside of her race, she’s not really giving into the Asian American female love interest stereotypes.  Instead of being all lovey-dovey or submissive to get men, she purposely wears a ring to repel them from her.  She’s not there to further the man’s interests because she’s into him necessarily, but because she likes the challenge.  Instead of saying how awesome Winston is, she tells him how bad the kiss was.  Of course, she was kidding, but still, it’s not something a typical Asian American female love interest would do to get the guy.  It already seems to me that she’s a strong female character who just happens to be played by an Asian American.

This was only her first appearance on the show, but the season is a long way from ending, and with already such a strong character, she can only be developed even more later on.  I’ll keep my eye out for her future appearances.


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