I Graduated!

I got to the Asian American Studies reception on time, so almost no one was there yet… We waited for more people to come and for the food to actually be brought out, then we ate, hung out, and took some pictures. I then headed to the English reception, which was happening at the same time all the way across campus. They gave out awards, we took pictures and hung out and I… ate… again…

The graduation ceremony didn’t acknowledge double-majors (though we did have our own section in the program). I lined up and sat with the English crowd. I met a lot of people I hadn’t seen since last semester, so that was nice. I had a lot of fun, even though the ceremony itself was pretty standard and the speaker wasn’t good. Props to our Jazz Band and the singer for the wonderful music, national anthem, and alma mater. We had people walking on both sides of the stage, so for a ceremony that included all of Humanities, it went by really fast.

Once it was over, I found my fambam, we hugged it out, took pictures, then went off to eat Thai food. So much eating.

I actually graduated in the Fall, but we only have Commencement in the Spring, so I had to wait five months to walk the stage. It was certainly a satisfying experience, to say the least. Congrats to everyone else who graduated this year!


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