Oh, son, it’s so good to see you!   
                   Thank you for visiting me, I know
                   how busy you are these days, now that
                   you have a family of your own.  
                   Where’s your father?  Has he been well?

When Dad passed, we mourned, for a while, and
then it was like nothing had really changed in our lives.

Hi, nice to meet you, what’s your name?  
You’re going to read to me today?  
Someone else used to read for me, an older man,
I don’t remember his name.  
Where is he?  Why isn’t he here today?

We debated on whether to tell mom.  She has some
brighter days, now and again.  Usually she’s lost.

                             Luke, thank goodness you’re here.  
                             I need to tell you something before
                             I forget.  I can’t go see him myself, so
                             the next time you visit your father,
                             please tell him

I’m busy most days.  When I have time, I read to her,
the same brown beaten notebook Dad did back then,

         Hi Luke, how are you today?  
         I’m fine, too, thank you for asking.  
         Before you begin,
         have you heard from Noah?  He hasn’t come
         to read for me in a while.  How is he?

as well as my own, a newer one recounting everything
since their marriage, their children and grandchildren.

                             I’m sorry I am this way 
                             and he had to put up with me
                             until his final days. I never got to thank him
                             for loving me and reminding me every day
                             of our story.  I miss him so, so…

On her good days, it hurts that he’s gone,
but I believe it’s better to remember who they were.

                                       Hi, nice to meet you, what’s your name?


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