Is This It?

Is this it?
Our roads intertwined
For only a while
Then split up again
To go separate ways
Will we ever join back once again?
Or are we to remain alone
Walking away from the light
Brought from our unity
Into the darkness
Of the sunset
Calling for the night
As a chasm wide and deep
Is building between us?
But you seem to be doing just fine
Producing your own light
While I was blind from the fact
That the only light in my life
Was you all along
So blind that I’m falling
Into the very chasm
That separates us
And I don’t know
When I’ll hit ground
I’ve fallen so low
That even when the sun rises
I won’t be able to feel
The warmth of your embrace
But I can’t help asking myself…
Will we be better off this way?

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